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Andrea Trench is a dance educator with over 20 years of teaching experience. Holding a BFA in Dance from the University of Illinois, Andrea specializes in early childhood dance education. While teaching preschool with now business partner, Renee Deets, Andrea incorporated creative dance into the curriculum. A summer dance camp led to the creation of Elite Dance Academy in 2006. Their early childhood program started with 7 preschoolers. Over the next decade, the vision of DiscoverDance became a reality, and hundreds of little ones continue to go through the conceptually based program each year. Andrea was encouraged to offer her curriculum to other teachers looking for a fresh approach to early childhood dance education. She began offering tips and ideas on social media platforms before launching her complete program in August 2017. Since launching, DiscoverDance is now being taught at studios worldwide. She is a sought-after presenter at teacher training workshops and conferences and continues to spread awareness of the importance of conceptual learning in dance education, especially in early childhood classes.