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C5, ltd
Chicago, IL
C5 was incorporated in September of 2005 with the goal of creating a fusion of art between dance choreography and aerial acrobatics. C5 specializes in training dancers to execute this fusion of art forms regardless of whether or not they have prior aerial experience. The company also excels at developing dance choreography and providing direction for events of any magnitude and in any venue; from stage production to trade shows; corporate events and motion pictures to Master Classes. Whatever your vision, C5 can make it happen. Company President and CEO, Jeremy Plummer, chose the name of the company to commemorate a life-altering event in his past that is offered here as a testament to the sort of daring and adventurous work C5 specializes in creating. While cliff diving, Jeremy struck his head on a sand bar, fracturing one of the vertebrae in his neck. The medical personnel in Barbados, however, were unable to identify the fracture, and Jeremy returned home to Chicago several days later. When x-rays revealed the extent of the damage, Jeremy was rushed into surgery where doctors pinned the broken vertebrae (C5) and fused it to C6 for stability. Undaunted by the accident and unwilling to accept physical limitations, Jeremy chose to take up aerial performance both as a means to recover his strength after he had recovered from surgery and as a tool to sharpen his skills and challenge himself to move his creativity into dynamic new arenas. This is where C5 "create with no limits" was born, in the fusion of passion and skill that transcends physical restraints and proves how Jeremy, like his creativity, has no limits.